Guard crossed strong river currents to save a trapped puppy (video)

Here’s to more people as brave as them.

All individuals have a responsibility to rescue animals in trouble. They frequently require a helping hand that only humans can provide them since they are helpless beings. Mujeeb, a guard with the Telangana State Police in India, gave evidence of his commitment to defending every human life. As a guy and a representative of the organization to which he belongs.

The man rose to fame when a video of him saving a dog from drowning and getting stuck in a fast-moving river was posted on the social media platform Twitter.

Officer Dipanshu Kabra posted the video on social media along with a brief description of the great hero’s heroic deed. Local guard Mujeeb from @TelanganaCOPs promptly called the JCB machine and dove into the waters to save the dog after spotting it stranded in the surging waves. He wrote in the magazine, “A hearty greeting to the soul of him.

In Mujeeb’s selfless deed, Dipanshu learned the value of making sacrifices for others, especially animals. “No one hesitates to take any risk in the service of humanity,” he continued in the tweet. Despite the current sources, the man may be seen in the video immersed in the water. In order to protect himself and free the puppy from the corner where he was confined on the river bank, he held onto the equipment that was close to him.

At the same time, Mujeeb was receiving cheers as he intently moved toward the dog till he arrived at it. The dog appeared to be really frightened by the circumstance and the guard made an effort to remove it from the area filled with branches. But at last, he gave in and let the man carry him.

Mujeeb carried the puppy to the equipment while hugging it to prevent it from being pulled by the river. As the guy loaded it, the animal leaned on his shoulders. When he was more secure, he put the animal on top of the backhoe bucket. To exit the sea together and head back to the shore, the guard also perched on top of the equipment.

More than 8,000 people have seen the video and left comments on the social network. where everybody lauds Mujeeb for his remarkable compassion and affection for animals.

Below you can see the video where this man is seen rescuing the puppy that was in trouble in the river:

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