“Handsome Hugh Grant has aged significantly”: What the 62-year-old actor looks like today

The actor remains firm in his decision to avoid experimenting with his appearance

Renowned for his amazing acting talent, Hugh Grant has established himself as one of the brightest stars in Hollywood. Throughout his career, he has portrayed a multitude of different roles, each emanating its unique greatness.

However, the passing years have not left the idol of millions untouched. In his youth, Grant was hailed as a heartthrob, capturing the hearts of fans with his incredible beauty and charm. Now, everything seems to have changed.

Observing recent photographs of Grant, internet users cannot help but express their regret that his new look is hard to reconcile. The actor no longer exudes the aura of a sex symbol. On the contrary, he appears as a tired retiree who simply longs for peace and solitude.

Despite this, the screen star remains resolute in his attitude of refraining from altering his appearance.

Grant has openly expressed his aversion to plastic surgery or Botox injections, which are often embraced by many of his colleagues.

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