“Happiness changed him”: Sean Penn (60) and his 31-year-old wife look like peers

Sean Penn used to be called one of the hottest “bad boys” of Hollywood. Woman fell in love with him one after another. His record of love triumphs includes Madonna, Charlize Theron, Scarlett Johansson, Petra Nemkova, and other celebrities.

Penn, however, seemed to have given up and aged significantly after his divorce from Theron. In the paparazzi shots taken right after the divorce, Sean Penn looks like a 70-year-old man. The main reason for his such appearance was his unhealthy lifestyle.

Everything changed when Penn met his future wife – 31-year-old Leila George. No one believed her, but Leila managed to transform the actor.

They soon started dating and they moved in together. The couple had a secret wedding which was revealed last August. Sean and George are now often seen in public together. In the recent pitures, it is visible how much Sean has changed for the better.

The actor seems to be around the same age as his wife. His new life has made him even more attractive. And his new street-style look is Leila’s idea.

The fans of the actor are overjoyed to see their idol happy. And those who predicted their marriage to be a short-term one, were absolutely wrong! The spouses are happy together, and the age gap doesn’t stand on their way.

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