“Happiness in 160 sq. ft.”: A Beautifully Efficient Home for the Family

The Hall family has a blog called ‘Tiny Hall House,’ and their motto is “An adventure in living simply.” They truly live by these words, as the family of three, along with their dog, resides in a tiny home in Massachusetts, measuring only 160 square feet.

The Hall family decided to downsize significantly, choosing a lifestyle that embraces simplicity. Their small home is not just about fitting in; it’s also about attention to detail. The exterior is adorned with simple yet lovely landscaping, and even the front door’s curtain adds a touch of class.

Inside, the main living space, commonly known as the “big room” in tiny homes, is designed efficiently for three people and their furry friend. Built-in storage minimizes clutter, and tall ceilings create a spacious feel. A ceiling fan keeps the room cool and provides airflow.

The living area also cleverly incorporates a TV stand that doubles as a desk and workspace. The kitchen, though small, is functional, featuring a loft bed above. The narrow stairs leading to the loft also serve as the family’s pantry.

The loft itself is 8 feet wide, offering ample space for a comfortable night’s sleep. The bathroom may be compact, but it includes all the essentials, with hooks for towel storage and additional storage around the mirror.

From the outside, the tiny home is mobile, showcasing its compact size. The family often receives questions about their unique living situation. Their son sleeps on the living room couch, which is the size of a twin bed, while the couple sleeps upstairs in the loft. The house measures 8ft x 20ft and stands 13.5 feet tall. The construction, which began in May 2014, was completed by November 2014, with a cost ranging between $25,000 to $30,000.

In just 160 square feet, the Hall family demonstrates that living tiny doesn’t mean sacrificing comfort. Their tiny home is a testament to the adventure of living simply.

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