Hawn, who is 76, was spotted on vacation with her common-law spouse!

Goldie Hawn is currently 76 years old, while her lover is 71. Kurt Russell and the actress have been legally married for a considerable amount of time. When the pair is content without a passport stamp, this is the situation.

Paparazzi frequently gather in close proximity to a celebrity couple’s home. When celebrities are on vacation, at ease, and unaware that they are being followed, the paparazzi prefer to capture images of them.

Recently, our heroes were apprehended just before the holidays, and their pictures quickly went viral online. Fans, however, were not pleased with the intrusive paparazzi’s work and made an effort to make them blush.

Netizens accuse the paparazzi of preventing couples from taking a nap. They write in the comments, “Get away from that pair, let them relax,” and “It is high time that you quit following them.”

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