He carries his dog in the lake for several hours in his arms to relieve the pain of his four-legged friend

This is the only way the dog can get some sleep.

American John Unger takes his 19-year-old dog Shep to the lake every evening to give him a few hours of sleep. Otherwise, the animal cannot sleep – it has chronic arthritis.

The joints hurt so much that Shep can barely drag his hind legs. To save the animal from suffering, the veterinarians offered to give the dog a lethal injection.

The owner could not do this with his pet, who once saved him from suicide. And now, in order to relieve the pain of a four-legged friend, he carries him in the lake for several hours in his arms – the only way Shep can sleep.

“What is this dog to me? Words cannot convey this. When you give love, it comes back to you tenfold. I want people to remember this when they look at our photos,” Anger says.

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