“He Still Remembers Me”: The Wife Of Bruce Willis, Suffering From Dementia, Posted a Touching Photo With Her Husband!

We wish them strength and hope for the best.

He is still thinking of me. Bruce Willis’ wife posted a heartfelt picture with her husband. Emma, Bruce’s wife, remains at his side despite the distressing news of his dementia.

Due to his condition, Bruce has trouble concentrating or speaking. Even his mother is demanding for him to identify. The family knows that Bruce may soon forget his children and wife, which is quite upsetting.

Emma is doing everything she can to take care of and pay attention to him. He still remembers me, Emma captioned a nice snapshot of her and her hubby.

Support and affection are being sent online. They adore Emma for caring for Bruce and think they make a great couple.

They send them their warmest wishes and wish them courage.

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