Heartfelt Scene: The shelter’s lengthiest resident drifts off to sleep with a grin, joyful to have found a family

Despite being only a year old, Petey had already become the longest resident of the county shelter

The adopted dog, Petey, gave his adopters a sweet smile that warmed their hearts. The pup’s caregivers were determined to find him a loving home since they felt that he had been overlooked for far too long. Petey traveled from a high-intake shelter in North Carolina, where he was frequently passed over by prospective adopters, to the SPCA Wake at the beginning of October.

Petey was the oldest inhabitant of the county shelter despite being just a year old. Petey had a poor chance of ever finding his forever family, so the SPCA of Wake County sought to improve that. The SPCA of Wake County recently provided an update on Petey’s adoption situation.

The SPCA Wake posted a picture of a furry companion in an effort to place him with a caring household. Fortunately, a family discovered his photo and fell in love with him after a few weeks. When they took him home, they posted some wonderful pictures of him playing and cuddling with his new furry brother and his new owners. In one image, Petey could be seen cuddled up on a soft blanket and beaming from ear to ear with happiness.

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