Helen Mirren’s Secret to Becoming a Better Actress and Her Latest Photoshoot

She has an “Oscar,” “Tony,” and five “Emmys,” but the only thing that brings joy to Helen Mirren on Earth is her garden. The 78-year-old British actress has said that gardening has made her a “better” actress and stripped her of “ego and insecurity.”

The stylish photo shoot and interview with the star are featured in the latest issue of DuJour.


Actress Helen Mirren revealed that gardening helps her relax from the hustle and bustle.

“I think gardening probably helps me be a better actress. It’s like it clears your mind. A plant just won’t grow where you want it to. For an actor, it’s good when ego and insecurity disappear even a little,” says the star.

Helen said she gardens together with her husband, Taylor Hackford, whom she has been married to for 25 years, and they share the work.

“The beauty of nature is so fantastic. It’s wonderful to see what you’ve planted grow. My husband deals with trees, and I deal with bushes and flowers. It’s a classic division of labor. It’s amazing to see the trees we’ve planted,” the movie star shared.

For the magazine shoot, Lady Helen wore several stunning outfits, including a feathered dress on the cover, a silver coat, metallic sunglasses, a red leather coat, and a gray pinstripe suit.

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