“Her Biggest Supporter”: Rita Ora Expresses Gratitude to Husband Taika Waititi For His Support

The couple is dreaming of expanding their family one day

After saying “I do” to Marvel director Taika Waititi, British pop star Rita Ora chose an unconventional path. Rather than jetting off on a honeymoon, she headed straight to the studio to create her most personal song yet, the romantic title track of her latest album, “You & I,” released last Friday.

Reflecting on her hungover state the day after the wedding, Rita, 32, approached producer Cirkut with a bold idea: to write the ultimate wedding song. The result was an anthemic tune that beautifully captured the essence of her intimate London ceremony with Taika.

In the presence of close friends and family, the couple exchanged vows while classic hits like the Bangles’ “Eternal Flame” and Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline” set the mood for their super cheesy and fun celebration.

Known for keeping her relationship with Taika private, Rita now finds solace in expressing herself through music. After feeling lost in the industry for a while, she has found inspiration in love, infusing her latest lyrics with heartfelt emotions. Moreover, she has secured a new contract with BMG, granting her ownership of her master recordings – a significant milestone in her career. “I feel like I’m starting again and reconnecting with everything that needed fulfillment,” she shares.

“You & I” marks her first offering under the partnership with BMG, with many songs stemming from journal entries penned during the blossoming romance with Taika, who she was first linked to in spring 2021. Turning her personal thoughts into songs became a creative process that breathed life into her music.

The album delves into their relationship, featuring actual voicemails from Taika on the lead single “You Only Love Me” and anecdotes about their bond. Rita wanted to offer fans a genuine insight into their lives, and Taika wholeheartedly supported her decision.

Taika, an Oscar winner, contributed to the project by directing the music video for the album’s second single, “Praising You.” Rita speaks highly of their collaboration, appreciating his unique perspective and taste. She hopes to work with him again, perhaps even on a Marvel movie, given the right timing. Their artistic synergy has set a promising precedent for potential future projects.

With this album, Rita embraces her most empowered and revealing body of work, finding her creative, professional, and personal stride. Taika remains her steadfast supporter and advocate, and she envisions expanding their family one day – a dream she holds dear.

As Rita Ora’s love-fueled melody resonates with listeners worldwide, she stands at the cusp of exciting possibilities, fueled by love and creativity, with Taika by her side, encouraging her every step of the way.

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