“Her Breasts Got Even Bigger”: Megan Fox Came To The Party In a Very Revealing Outfit!

Her figure appeared more enhanced

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue 2023 celebration was hosted at the Hard Rock Hotel in New York yesterday, and actress Megan Fox, 37, made a gorgeous entrance.

Megan attracted photographers’ attention by donning a black translucent dress with a daring neckline that almost revealed her large bust.

According to TSN, there have been rumors that Megan saw a plastic surgeon again and chose even larger breast implants as her body looked to have improved.

The actress changed her hair color to a brown hue and enhanced her appearance with her usual glam makeup. Her pink manicure has black stripes on it. Megan’s boyfriend,

Colson Baker, with whom she is engaged, attended the occasion with her. Previous rumors stated that the rapper’s adultery caused the marriage to break up.

Recent upgrades, nevertheless, seem to show that they have made amends. Notably, Colson gave Megan her two-emerald engagement ring in January 2022, although she was not spotted wearing it.

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