“Her dress deserves an Oscar!”: Lady Gaga shocked everyone on the 2023 Oscars red carpet

She did not receive the award, but still managed to surprise everyone

This year’s Oscars ceremony was the evening of triumph for Lady Gaga, although she did not receive the statuette.

As the other celebrities present that evening and Lady Gaga’s fans claim, the singer deserved an Oscar for the most risky dress!

Actually, the singer’s very appearance at the ceremony was a surprise. The fact is, a few days before the ceremony, Lady Gaga had announced that she would not be able to attend the Shrine Auditorium for the Academy Awards. The reason is she is currently filming the sequel to Joker.

But Lady Gaga still managed to find some time and fly to Los Angeles, not only as a guest. The singer was to perform a song for the film “Top Gun: Maverick”. She was also nominated for an Oscar for this film. The award, however, went to another song.

Still, Gaga was able to attract everyone’s attention and shock her fans with her outfit. The dress looks quite elegant from the front, and rather bold from the back. The dress was from Versache FW 2023/24 collection.

One of the photographers was so amazed with the dress, that he even ran after her to take a close-up photo, but he strumbled and fell. Gaga rushed to help the potographer up and consoled him.

Then during the ceremony the singer got on stage to perform the song she was nominated for an Oscar for. The audience gasped again, stunned with her talent.

Many people expected her to appear on the stage in the same dress she wore on the red carpet. Or maye she would change to something even more spectacular. But the artist again surprised everyone, appearing in a much simpler, everyday look.

She got on stage in a simple black t-shirt and black ripped jeans. She didn’t wear any jewelry or makeup. And although Lady Gaga did not receive any awards that evening, her appearance is going to be discussed for a long time!

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