“He’s as big as a cupcake!” The story of a kitten with a non-growing muzzle-bow

“Size doesn’t matter!”

Ellen Carozza, a NOVA Cat animal protection group veterinarian, has a new unique case. It was a small cat with a white “bow” instead of cheeks (some call it a mustache, but we believe it’s really a bow).

For amusement, the child was placed in a cupcake box, and he fit well! Yes, the baby was the size of a doughnut or raisin muffin…

The volunteers instantly recognized that the infant was not the same as his siblings and sisters after his delivery. A homeless cat mom gave birth but only one of them turned out to be unique! Francis did not grow at all after birth, although he ate very well.

Other cubs gained weight, but our hero only reached 100 grams at the age of three weeks! Look at this picture: another kitty (tabby), only four days old, weighs more than Francis…

Despite this, the infant makes every effort to emulate senior cats. He learned to run, leap, play, and even climb on high claws properly!

“Size doesn’t matter!” yells all of his bold heroic behavior.

However, the kitten’s health raises concerns, and Ellen is now doing everything she can to protect the kitten from becoming ill. She brought him to her house and handed him to her domestic white cat named Benny.

Francis underwent tests to determine why the baby is not gaining weight and what is causing his fur to come out in areas. Thyroid gland issues are not ruled out, but the volunteers hope that the diagnosis of “hypothyroidism” is not verified!

Meanwhile, Francis is content with his existence. He adores his namesake father Benny, who imparts worldly wisdom to the infant! The elderly cat has raised several generations of kittens, so caring for the small black and white gentlemen is not a problem.

Animals lie on the same pillow, and when the smallest feeds, “daddy” licks his muzzle to a shine with his enormous rough tongue.

Francis is a true warrior who will mature and become powerful one day. Even if he has to remain little, he will undoubtedly appeal to some compassionate individuals who will appreciate his uniqueness!

We hope the baby grows up, becomes healthy, and never gives up. Allow the heart of a huge and caring cat to reside in his little body!

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