Hollywood Actors Who Managed to Lose an Oscar Award

Winning an Oscar has always been a career milestone. Most receive it only once in a lifetime, but there were also those who do not particularly value the coveted statuette. So which of the Hollywood stars managed to lose the award of a lifetime?

C. Firth

The actor received the long-awaited statuette for “Best Actor” in the film “The King’s Speech! “. At the end of the awards ceremony, Colin and his colleagues went to celebrate such an event. The actor was drunk and managed to leave his prestigious award in the restroom. After recovering the next morning, Colin was furious, but he managed to contact the staff of the establishment and collect the award.

L. DiCaprio

For more than 20 years, Leonardo went for the coveted award. But what happened after her production shocked the whole world, because he, although for a short period, managed to lose the Oscar. DiCaprio forgot the figurine in the restaurant where the celebration took place. The actor was sober and was about to leave the institution, but his colleague got his bearings in time and returned the Oscar to him.

A. Jolie

The talented actress received her award at the dawn of her career, thanks to the film Girl, Interrupted. She, as promised, gave the Oscar to her mother. The woman did not have time to say where she kept the famous award, so Jolie could not find the Oscar in her house. In the end, the mother’s house was sold, but Angelina never found the statuette.

M. Damon

Filming in the movie “Good Will Hunting” was a triumph for Matt. Many critics began to call the actor the hope of world cinema. Later it became known that after the fire in the actor’s apartment, there was one less figurine in the world. Fortunately, the family was not at home.

N. Portman

For the brilliant performance of her role in the film “Black Swan”, Natalie received the very coveted award. More recently, she was asked a question about her figurine. The actress said that she did not know where the Oscars are now. For her, the film award itself is not a particularly valuable thing.

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