“The dog did not know that life can be kind!” To save him, the guy went to the impenetrable mountains…

Small deed of a big heart.

In Taiwan, there is the Tarako National Park, where tourists like to come. And where there are tourists, there is an opportunity to earn money! Therefore, among the beautiful nature of the park, residents built a guest house where you can stay for the night or even for several days.

This house was recently visited by a woman from Europe. During the trip, she went outside the hostel, where she immediately saw a very sad picture … Inside the homemade stove, which people built from an old iron barrel, lay a dog. Her front right leg was missing, and her left was bleeding from a large wound…

As the traveler was later explained, the dog fell victim to one of the traps, which are set in hundreds in Taiwan. The animal looked affectionate and very young – he was about a year old, but he had already endured so much in his short life!

The tourist felt sorry for the poor man and wrote a letter to Sean McCormack, a local guy who devoted his life to saving animals. When he read the message and saw the photo of the suffering dog, he immediately decided to save the animal!

Sean began to plot a route on the map to the guest house (from the place where he was) but suddenly realized that he had encountered a problem. There was no direct way! It was possible to get to the right place only through the mountains – the campaign threatened to be extremely difficult and ran through impassable places. There was no opportunity and time to look for detours through the entire island – after all, the dog could die at any moment …

Then the man called for the help of his friend Rose Tweedy, and together they set off on the road.

“It was a tough hike, no one had done anything like this before us, ” Rous says. “ Especially since Sean is new to hiking…”

However, the guys did it. After 6 hours of non-stop mountain road, they approached the guest house. However, a new unpleasant surprise awaited them – the dog was nowhere to be seen! They searched everything around and hardly found the animal – it was hiding under a mountain of fallen tables and chairs.

Sean called the kid – and he crawled out to meet him, wagging his tail. It turned out to be a boy whom the rescuers named Sandy! The guys bandaged the wound on the dog’s paw, put him in a backpack, and set off on the way back.

For all the time in the mountains, the dog did not make a sound. He sat quietly behind Sean and Rose (they took turns carrying him) as if realizing that these people are doing everything possible for him!

After descending from the mountains, Sandy and Sean immediately went to the vet. There, the dog survived an amputation on two legs, but the doctors were encouraging – they could make small prostheses for the dog and teach it to walk!

While the patient was undergoing treatment, a caring family got in touch and followed Sandy’s story via the Internet. People wrote that they were ready to take the baby into their home forever! Therefore, when the dog left the clinic, he immediately went to a new place of residence, in loving hands.

“Everything turned out great, although it could have been different, ” says Sean. “ Saving Sandy was worth every second and every drop of our sweat…”

So, thanks to two kind hearts, the little dog now has a real, happy life!

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