“Hollywood Star’s Unusual Keepsake!”: Robert Downey Jr.’s Used Chewing Gum Hits eBay for $40,000

Someone is selling Robert Downey Jr.’s used chewing gum, claiming it was put up for public sale. The seller thinks fans with more money might compete for this unique item. The gum was listed on eBay for $40,000.

According to the New York Post, the person who found the gum is confident that collectors will be interested in an object that was once in the mouth of a Hollywood star. The seller promises to send the gum in a plastic container to the new owner and assures skeptics that the gum’s authenticity can be verified through a DNA test. However, returns are not possible.

The seller claims that Robert Downey Jr. stuck the used chewing gum onto his friend Jon Favreau’s star on the Walk of Fame in Los Angeles. The owner admitted that he happened to be nearby at the time and didn’t hesitate to pick it up, showing some entrepreneurial spirit.

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