Homeless Pitt Bull smiles at every person hoping that they’ll adopt him

Donnie was left in a New York courtyard for two days without any guidance.

When the cute dog was ultimately saved and sent to the Animal Care Center (ACC) in Brooklyn, he was aware that he had a point to make.

Despite what some people may assume about his 62-pound bulk, Donnie wants everyone to know that he is nothing more than a huge mushball.

Some of our largest canines also give birth to the largest, fluffiest pups! Manisha Shah, an ACC volunteer, informed The Dodo.

They don’t aware of how large they are or that most people probably fear them, which is so cute and funny!

Donnie was originally a little uneasy about being in a strange place. Eventually, though, he warmed up. He immediately started grinning at everyone he saw.

He was a little frightened and anxious when he entered, which is entirely reasonable, according to Shah. Yet when a dog like Donny has gained your trust, it feels wonderful.

Shah produced a video about Donnie to help with his adoption from Boroughbred in Brooklyn, an Instagram account that promotes dogs at Brooklyn ACC.

The caption accompanying the photo reads, “When I started massaging this big mush-ball, he gently stood up and leaned in while thanking me with heaps of kisses.”

Despite being affectionate and friendly animals, pit bulls like Donnie sometimes have trouble finding homes.

Dogs with the nickname “pitbull” typically have to wait three times as long for a new home as dogs of other breeds.

Donnie is now becoming accustomed to having a foster mother serve as his host and living in a home. This gentle giant will eventually find the family he has been seeking—a family that accepts him for all 62 of his pounds.

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