House of the Parisian oligarch from the inside: 7 floors and an underground pool

Right in the center of Paris, the oligarch built himself a giant mansion with seven floors. Even guests have not come here yet, and the owner, apparently out of vanity, invited a film crew with a camera to inspect. The journalists were the first to be able to show the unique mansion from the inside: they went through seven floors, found an underground pool, and took a closer look at the house, which costs $95,000,000.

For this fabulous money, the man received a mansion with an area of ​​​​1237 square meters. 15 bathrooms, 15 bedrooms.

Behind the front door, guests are greeted by a huge hall. A wardrobe and a separate music room go to the sides – the owner is fond of playing the piano.

On the floor above there are several libraries, a workroom, a bedroom, and an office. Only close friends of the owner are allowed here, only the first floor is addressed to everyone else.

Naturally, the kitchen is taken out in a separate extension. The owner and his wife do not come here; a whole staff of specialists is required to manage such a house. The pool is hidden on the ground level – it was built to Olympic standards, that is, 25 meters long.

The journalists filmed the entire walk through the giant mansion:

Buying a house in the center of Paris is more of an investment. Over time, it will only become more expensive.

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