How are Chinese flight attendants trained? The truth about them…

Many believe that the most difficult training is for special forces soldiers. At the same time, not everyone knows that strong pressure is also exerted in the civil sphere. For example, flight attendants of Chinese airlines quite often face serious tests that not everyone passes.

As you know, behind an attractive picture and a beautiful smile are exercises and workouts that greatly affect the health of girls. These workouts are hard to manage, as they last for several hours a day.

College students from Sichuan are preparing to become future flight attendants by providing related services. They hold wooden sticks in their teeth, destined to balance with books on their heads.

To develop good posture, they use a bottle of mineral water on their head, which they hold for 3 minutes at the top of their head.

Flight attendants hold a sheet of A4 paper using their knees for this purpose.

The guys excersise with the girls. The load is distributed based on body weight. According to flight etiquette, they study poses that can be taken during certain emergency situations.

The college conducts safety trainings, paying great attention to this.

In order for flight attendants to protect themselves during emergencies, special military instructors are invited to the college, who teach them self-defense techniques. If you look at the photo, you might think that special forces soldiers are training on it. No, it’s a flight attendant.

Girls overcome an obstacle course with a load, simulating various situations.

These cute girls can neutralize an intruder without any problems and difficulties, as they constantly train, straining their bodies and working out reflexes.

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