The world’s happiest and cheeriest dog is a Shiba Inu

Uni, a Shiba Inu, is maybe the happiest dog in the entire world. He has been living in Tokyo for nine months. 

He is renowned for his cheery smile, which can make even the most depressed people look pleased. 

August of last year saw a dog go famous on Instagram. His owner uploaded a video of him changing into a rabbit with just a hand motion. Over 45000 people have seen it. 

Since then, the number of his supporters has significantly increased and is at 105000. On his charming posts, they frequently leave comments. 

He has many good reasons to be content. He is well-loved and cared for by his owner. He travels everywhere with his owner and has many toys. He enjoys food a lot. He is generally content because of this, which makes him happy. 

His owner claims that his uniqueness is due to more than just his smile, including his social graces. He is a very compassionate and understanding dog, which makes going for walks with him a true pleasure. 

With his brilliant smile that extends from ear to ear, Inu can light up any room.

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