How do grown-up children of celebrities look like their parents at the same age

Ears, nose, and chin – that’s what you need to compare in order to conclude that two people are related. But this is if in a rough form, but in a good way, it would be nice to add a test with live facial expressions. A person, and especially a child, tend to adopt not just habits, but also the manner in which they are performed. And this can be seen in a smile, in embarrassment, in the ability to build eyes or simply straighten your hair. Shall we do a quick test on celebrities?

Monica Bellucci and her daughter Deva Cassel

Dolce & Gabbana didn’t think much when they offered Virgo a contract. Firstly, almost the spitting image of a mother, and secondly, the same blood and character. And they have already worked with Monica and were satisfied.

Jude and Rafferty Law

Rafferty is the eldest of Jude’s five children, so he’s the one to compare. At 23, he is a creative person who chooses a specific path: music, cinema, and modeling.

Sarah Michelle Gellar and Charlotte Grace Prince

Alas, there is no photo yet of reaching puberty, Charlotte is still small. But it’s already quite possible to say that her nose, cheeks, and so on are her mother’s.

Pink and Willow Sage Hart

The mother herself believes that the daughter is more like her father, professional biker Carey Hart. Fans say – on my mother. Where is the truth, decide for yourself, the photo is in front of you.

Kate Beckinsale and Lily Mo Shin

Evil tongues say that Mo has already undergone rhinoplasty, but it is more likely that these are still daddy’s genes. Like him, the daughter will become an actress, fortunately, she also got a fair portion of beauty from her mother.

Liam and Lennon Gallagher

Lennon did not want to be a model, but who would refuse money and fame? At the age of 20, he has not yet surpassed the eminent father, but he has every chance of doing so, so many offers are pouring in.

Michelle Williams and Matilda Ledger

You can see that the appearance of her daughter is not the main thing for Michelle, more precisely, the daughter herself is somewhere out there for her. The girl is protected from a glamorous party, she does not pose for journalists and, in general, the cat cried for information.

Clint and Scott Eastwood

Like his father, he is not arrogant, like Clint, he works hard – 29 works in his filmography by the age of 33. Plus he tries his hand as a producer, plus the face of Hugo Boss and Abercrombie & Fitch.

Claudia Schiffer and Clementine Poppy

Look, lips, oval face – how else do they look alike? Alas, Schiffer is very careful that her children are not touched by the press, so it is not possible to find brighter photos.

Robert Downey Jr and Indio Falconer Downey

Indio is not at all his father’s son, although he borrowed his nose from him. He did not become an actor, but a musician is not bad, judging by the success of The Dose.

Halle Berry and Nala Ariella Aubrey

Nala’s father is Gabriel Aubry. He is a fashion model and has a catchy appearance, so my daughter went to the folder.

Dennis and Jack Quaid

Not so brutal, but in fact – macho, like his father. Jack is an actor and successful, exploiting good looks and hereditary talent.

Eva Longoria and Santiago Enrique Baston

Although Longoria loves her firstborn, it is problematic to compare him with his mother – he is still small. It is possible that he will grow up to be his father, Jose Antonio Baston, owner of the largest media company in Latin America, Televisa.

Christy and Grace Turlington

It is difficult to call them similar, copies of each other. Perhaps the reason is not in the genes but in the way of life? Christie admits that she pampers both children and herself, she enjoys being a mother much more than a supermodel.

Alain and Anthony Delon

Delon’s beauty was not enough for all the children, Anthony got his features, but it is felt that he is different. Although he is also an actor, and also a race car driver. And, unlike the star dad, a good family man.

Dwayne Johnson and Simone Alexandra Johnson

Of all the children of the “Rock”, so far it can only be compared with the eldest daughter Simone Alexandra. True, the future Hollywood guru himself in her years did not look as presentable as now. And the daughter did not let us down – all in dad!

Stellan and Alexander Skarsgard

Stellan has six children and Alexander is the eldest. He is also an actor, and no less successful than his father. But their whole family is so talented, this is a confirmed fact.

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