How does the youngest son of Michael Jackson live, whom he almost dropped from the balcony when he showed the fans

Michael Jackson died ten years ago. During this time, his personality has acquired even more rumors and speculation. Many condemn the lifestyle of the king of pop music, but the admirers of his talent are not getting smaller.

Michael Jackson had three children. The older offspring continue to live a very active public life.

The eldest son of Jackson with the beautiful name of Prince the First has his own company dealing with computer technology.

Daughter Paris works as a fashion model. She managed to be married, but her marriage was unsuccessful. Now she leads the movement for women’s rights.

The youngest son of Michael Jackson is called Prince II. He rarely appears in public and leads a fairly secluded life.

Now the guy is seventeen. He was born to a surrogate mother, whose name Michael was stubbornly concealed from the public.

Jackson did not want to show his older children to reporters. He even put on special masks for them. But he showed Prince the Second to others almost from the moment of birth.

During the next meeting with journalists, the singer was so interested in communicating with them that he almost dropped the baby. Then all the fans were shocked by what had happened.

When his father died, Prince II was only seven years old. He felt the loss very painfully. He was last seen at Michael’s funeral.

Now the guy is detached from journalists. He does not attend fashion parties and even changed his name. Now his name is Blanket.

Until graduation, the boy lived with his grandparents. He is very similar to his late father.

Now Blanket entered the university. The guy dresses quite simply. He wears long hair and doesn’t like to draw attention. Blanket avoids publicity due to his inherent shyness.

After Jackson’s death, his children were left with huge debts. But they have already been closed after the successful release of a film about the life of a famous singer.

Moreover, the rental was so successful that it also left a tidy sum for the life of Jackson’s offspring.

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