How much Adriano Celentano has changed over time

This article is about one of the best actors and singers of all time – Adriano Celentano!

Although the artist doesn’t appear in new film anymore, his previous roles are always engraved on our hearts. His confidence and professional acting skills have delighted the whole world.

However, today the actor prefers a peaceful life with his wife, away from noisy and crowded cities. The actor now has a hobby – he collects and fixed old watches. He has always enjoyed this activity, but didn’t have time for it in his youth.

The current Adriano Celentano shocks all his fans. Although friends and family members say he is doing great, his fans see that the man is in a bad health condition. His tired eyes, fallen hair and wrinkles on his face prove this point.

And what do you think? Share your opinion about this artist and mention which of his films or songs you like the most in the comments!

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