“How quickly the flowers of life grow”: what the grown-up children of Hollywood star Julia Roberts look like

Charming actress and favorite of the audience, Julia Roberts was able to build not only a dizzying career but also realize herself as a caring mother of many children.

As you know,  the celebrity is raising three heirs, the eldest boy, and girl from twins, and the youngest son is still growing up.

Celebrity daughter Hazel successfully study at a private school, she has already tried her hand at acting and even took part in some films.  However, her main dream remains the desire to become a model.

The eldest son of actress Finneas is still thinking about his future profession, but the youngest pleases his star mother with great vocals, most likely in the future he will become a singer.

It is worth noting that the actress does not allow her children to register on social networks,  so her fans try to remember their faces on randomly appearing frames on the network.

Most recently, Julia’s husband delighted fans of the star by posting an interesting family photo, which he carefully signed:  “Cute mommy is in the center. We love you so much!”

The actress herself, on the eve of Mother’s Day, also decided to share cute shots with subscribers.

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