How the actors and actresses of the series “Police Academy” look now

Our adorable officers from “Police Academy”

Many fans refuse to believe that the first episode of the famous “Police Academy” was released 37 years ago. This comedy still warms everyone’s hearts along with its wonderful and outstanding actors.

The series starts with the announcement of recruitment to the police academy and everyone is in a hurry to get there.

And here are the iconic actors and actresses of the series in present days.

Sharon Stone as Claire Mattson (63)

She played the journalist working on a new urban project, appearing only in episode 4.

George Gaynes as Eric Lassard

He played the kind-hearted and pure head of the police academy. The whole world respected this character. Legendary George Gaynes passed away in 2016 (98).

Steve Guttenberg as Carey Mahoney (62)

Currently, Guttenberg is more engaged in producing, and doesn’t appear much in films.

Kim Cattrall as cadet Karen Thompson (64)

The actress gained popularity thanks to this series. Everyone loved the actress and the role she played.

George Bailey as Lieutenant Thaddeus Harris (76)

Bailey played the impulsive character of the series. The actor has resigned recently, and is now engaged in the Children of the Light Foundation, which helps children with cancer.

Marion Ramsey as Laverne Hooks (1947-2021)

Ramsey played only a few roles in her life. She was a successful and talented composer and singer. This adorable woman passed away in 2021 (73).

Leslie Easterbrook as Sergeant Debbie Callahan (71)

This talented woman is still actively playing in various films and enjoys the love of millions.
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