How the life of a beauty changed, who married an African

Our today’s heroine could not even think that her close friend would soon become her husband. Today we will talk about this difficult couple, which went through a very interesting story.

They met at the club, but they did not have any feelings for each other. Lubinda Haabazoka was too different from other guys because he grew up in Africa.

Young people continued to communicate, and only over time, did they realize that there was something more between them than just friendship. Building your relationship was not easy, because everyone around and even those close to them treated them with a certain prejudice.

One day, Lubinda decided to return home, inviting Maria with him. Despite all the excuses and strange stories of ill-wishers, the girl agreed. In the homeland of her chosen one, she quickly adapted. Her lover made good money, so she did not need anything. Later, Maria gave her beloved two wonderful children.

After 7 years, the man got a good post in the government. His wife always tries to support him. Their family often visits various resorts. Today, the spouses are incredibly happy to be together, so listen to your heart, not others!

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