How the most famous twin stars have changed

Geminis are often successful in show business. They attract attention, touch, and give the opportunity to create unique stories. Everyone knows these twins, and how their fate turned out.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

These babes have been the most popular young actresses for several years. Movies with these funny babies were watched with delight by children and adults. All thanks to their parents, who constantly took them to auditions.

At the age of 17, the girls had already founded their own production company. Then they launched their own line of clothing, perfume, shoes, and bags. Now they are successful fashion designers and are among the hundred richest women in the world.

Peter and David Paul

They became very popular after the movie “Nanny”. But it was the most successful film of their career. Athletes starred in several more films, such as “Barbarians” with a nomination for the “Golden Raspberry” anti-award, “Tavern on the Corner of Faith Street” and others.

These films were a resounding failure and that was the end of their acting career.

Bill and Tom Kaulitz

The brothers from Leipzig became very popular due to their unique style and voice. The talented twins took part in the German “Star Factory” and created their own group Tokio Hotel …

They recorded 10 albums, and they have millions of fans. Now the guys have become much older and changed their image, but the fans are delighted with this couple.

Alexey and Vasily Berezutsky

Well-known footballers, they played for Torpedo-ZiL, and then for CSKA. From 2003 to 2017, they played together 58 matches for the Russian football team in the world championships. Then work separated them: Vasily was the captain of the Russian national team, and recently stopped playing for the national team.

In the summer of 2018, both ended their football careers.

In November 2018, the brothers were offered to join the coaching staff of the Dutch football club Vitesse, which was headed by former CSKA coach Leonid Slutsky.

Maria and Anastasia Tolmacheva

The girls gained fame after participating in Eurovision. The first performance at the children’s competition in 2006 delighted the audience and brought victory. The second participation in the competition in 2014 caused a wave of indignation, the girls were booed right on the stage. They took 7th place. Now they are 22, in the creative piggy bank of the girls there are seven singles.

In 2019, they were members of the professional Russian jury at Eurovision 2019.

Tatiana and Olga Arntgolts

Girls were not taken to a theater university because they were twins … Fortunately, the girls showed perseverance and entered the Shchepkinsky school. Glory to them was given by the series “Simple Truths”. Today, Olga often acts in films, and Tatiana – in TV shows.

Boris and Konstantin Burdaev

The twin brothers founded the Brothers Grimm group. They instantly gained great popularity due to unusual lyrics and music.

The songs “Eyelashes” and “Kusturica” ​​soared to the top of the charts, but no new hits appeared and the group’s popularity fell. The brothers stopped performing, a year later Boris assembled a new team, and Konstantin never returned to music.

James and Oliver Phelps

The famous Weasley brothers from Harry Potter have become the favorites of the audience. Red-haired tomboys liked many. After the successful Potter, they took part in the production of the tragedy Hamlet in 2013, the brothers played the courtiers of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. Then there was a role in the film “Danny and the Human Zoo” – by Barry Carter.

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