Hungry dog ​​with sad eyes is ready to eat everything

In the vicinity of the city of Velikiye Luki (Pskov region), there is a sawmill. A stray black dog once nailed to her. Eat whatever you can find nearby. But how much food can you find in this place? The hungry dog ​​looked around with sad eyes. However, he was not aggressive. And he himself was drawn to people and was afraid of them at the same time.

Dog connoisseurs, looking at the stray dog, said that it was most likely a Shar-Pei half-breed. This is a breed of active and strong guard or hunting dogs. The dog is clearly domestic. Probably, he was let out for a walk and he got lost. On the other hand, since he was incredibly thin and frightened, it is unlikely that he had an owner.

The found dog was reported to the “Honey” shelter. Volunteers arrived and took the tramp for inspection. It turned out to be a girl. She had lichen and severe malnutrition. The rest did not cause concern.

In social networks, volunteers constantly wrote about the dog, which they named Shan. But the owner did not show up. Probably, the volunteers thought, the dog became either an experiment or a random option for Shar-Pei breeders. And then he was thrown out into the street.

Shan has an impressive size. He is resilient and brave. But at the same time, he is gentle and kind. In the shelter, Shana was often approached by Olga, who liked the dog. At home, the girl already had one street dog, which Olga had previously adopted. Now she also wanted to ensure a good life for Shana.

A month later, Shar Pei stopped experiencing bouts of hunger. On a bowl of food so violently do not rush. Olga took Shania to her place. The beauty conquered all members of the family.

Now she is surrounded by love and care. The owners constantly monitor the well-being of the dog. Walk and play with her.

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