Husband Playfully Prepares Wife for Work as She Earns More Income

Watch as this husband hilariously supports his wife’s career as the breadwinner! 😄💼

This man is happy about his wife’s new job as the main money earner.

In a TikTok video shared by a couple known as the DeMillionaires, the husband, Garrett, shows how much he likes his wife bringing home the money. He jokingly films himself helping his wife Syd get ready for work as a nurse. He helps her wake up, brush her teeth, tie her hair, feed her breakfast, pack her lunch, and even starts her car for her.

@demillionaires I technically don’t make any money but someone has to hold the house together while she’s gone 💪🏼 #crnaschool #nursing #gradstudent #fyp ♬ Rich Girl – Daryl Hall & John Oates

Garrett mentions in the caption that he’s currently in graduate school and not making money, but he’s happy to support his wife.

People watching the video liked Garrett’s role as a supportive husband. Some made jokes about him not going far enough, while others shared similar experiences with their own spouses.

The DeMillionaires have been sharing funny videos about their married life on TikTok since 2019. They joke about everyday struggles and funny moments, like rushing to get ready for church after daylight saving time or getting married young for financial aid reasons.

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