Husky rescued seven tiny kittens who were thrown out in the woods (photos)

This husky named Bunny can be safely called a heroine because she saved seven furry souls. When the dog was walking in the woods, he found a box of kittens.

Her owner, 31-year-old Miranda, moves in a wheelchair, so Bunny is not just a friend for her, but also an assistant. That day the dog was very restless, and during the walk, he became really anxious. The smart dog began to pull its owner in an incomprehensible direction somewhere deep into the forest.

The girl decided to check where the dog would lead her and what was the reason for her so strong anxiety. In the end, Bunny led her to the box, which stood in the thick bushes. Apparently, someone wanted to hide it away from human eyes. When the girl opened the box, she saw seven tiny kittens inside.

Without hesitation, Miranda took the box with the babies and took her home. At home, the dog began to lick the kittens and try to take them to a secluded place. In other words, maternal instincts woke up in pets.

According to Miranda, “When I opened the box, Bunny immediately stuck her face into it and carefully took out one kitten, she began to introduce herself like a caring mother”.

Miranda also says that the box was very tightly closed. Someone just wanted to get rid of the kittens in such a cruel way. When they opened the box, the babies were no longer squeaking, but simply pressed against each other in order to somehow warm up.

Miranda was able to find a mother cat for them, who now feeds them with her milk. But Bunny still takes care of the babies and always sleeps nearby, warming the kittens with her warmth.

It is very frustrating that people can be so cruel to completely defenseless creatures. But the main thing is that now everything will be fine with the kittens.

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