“I am ready to leave this life without regret”: a frank interview with Alain Delon

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The beautiful and unique A. Delon said in his interview that he hates people and our modern world. Recall that almost 2 years ago, this legendary man announced that he had decided to end his grandiose acting career. Sometime later, in one of his regular interviews, Delon said that he was already completely ready to leave this life.

He honestly admitted that he could not find his place in today’s false world, where only money matters. According to the actor, the concept of respect has ceased to exist altogether.

Note that Alain can not get out of depression after the death of his beloved wife. Recall that the beautiful M. Dark passed away 2 years ago. They lived together with Alain for 15 years, however, as you know, the actor left her for a younger fashion model, who later gave birth to 2 children.

In his interview, Alain stated that without Mireille he could not even walk. He also noted that in the modern world, he is especially frightened by the fact that news channels talk about murders all the time.

The actor talked about his favorite pet – a dog named Loobo. He noted that he treats her much better than many people.

The artist admitted that if he feels an imminent death, he will definitely ask to put the pet to sleep so that he does not worry …

The 84-year-old actor also fears that after his death, his body may be opened to establish paternity. That is why he asks his daughter every day not to let this happen.

Do you agree with the actor’s opinion? Do we really live in such a terrible world?

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