I asked her to bring me her bill. The waiter smiled at me and said that this was her restaurant

I was beginning to get bored waiting for my business partner at a good Japanese restaurant. He had been gone for more than an hour, despite the fact that he promised to be here any minute.

I was very hungry and ordered shrimp soup. After the waiter brought the order, I noticed a girl sitting next to me. She was alone too. The girl was good-looking, with green eyes, she wore a beautiful dress decorated with daisies.

Perhaps she was expecting someone or simply decided to sit alone. This could only be guessed at. She was scrolling through her Instagram while having a cup of coffee. Soon the order was brought to her. It consisted of green salad and cream of soup with broccoli and cheese.

I was familiar with this soup, as I often ordered it. But that was not the point. I wanted to show attention to the girl, and I asked her to bring me her bill.

The waiter smiled at me and replied that this was her restaurant.

The girl overheard our conversation. She turned around and said that she could pay my bill or not show it at all. It all depends on how serious my intentions are. The situation was awkward. I decided to sit down with the girl.

My name is Igor, I decided that you are bored.

Anastasia, nice to meet you.

We talked for a long time on various topics, Anastasia turned out to be a very good conversationalist, it was a pleasure to spend the evening with her. But it does not seem that she needed a young man. Anastasia was, to be precise, strong, and independent. In the end, we didn’t succeed. She is a good friend, but nothing more.


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