“I became the object of universal lust”: Keira Knightley suffered after filming “Pirates of the Caribbean”

Many underestimate the work of young mothers.

For her part as Elizabeth Swann in Pirates of the Caribbean, Knightley is most recognized. The actress was just 18 at the time of filming. Knightley acknowledged that she didn’t feel feminine at this age, but as soon as “Pirates of the Caribbean” hit the big screen, she was hailed as one of the most seductive actors. For Kira, the forced image was extremely humiliating. She was everyone’s object of desire. It’s not that she didn’t suffer a lot.

It was intriguing to transform from a true tomboy to the polar opposite. I felt constricted. I thought I was stuck in a rut. Later roles were an effort to escape from this, Kira revealed. The actress needed five years to process her feelings.
Knightley reported feeling “totally exhausted.” The celebrity kept on shooting a lot. James Righton’s 37-year-old wife acknowledged that she eventually brought on post-traumatic stress disorder.
“I felt imprisoned by things I couldn’t comprehend. I was quite hard on myself. I’ve never been up to par. I was completely motivated, extremely ambitious, and passionate about improving myself. It is a draining way of living. Exhausting. As a 22-year-old, I like myself and would like to reciprocate that. And now that I’m not in that situation, I see how incredible that was. But there is a cost. What is the cost? Burnout, “my companion Orlando Bloom stated.

The actress has two kids, Delilah, 3, and Edie, 7, both of whom are female. Kira deems attempts to balance work and family as “unpredictable and extreme.” Many people undervalue the labor that young mothers do, the celebrity observed.

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