“I Can Hardly See”: Judi Dench Suffers From an Incurable Disease, But Is Not Going To Leave The Cinema Yet!

Judi Dench has been in the entertainment industry for 60 years.

The 88-year-old Judi Dench is well-known for her James Bond movie roles. She stated that she is not yet ready to stop performing in an interview with The Mirror’s Notebook magazine. She can no longer read, though, due to health issues. She also wants to work less, therefore she is not really interested in winning more Oscars.

Judi said that she can no longer read because of her vision problems on set. She is attempting to deal with it, but she struggles to recall lengthy lines for her plays. She still hasn’t figured out how to fix this issue.

Age-related macular degeneration, an eye ailment that is common in persons over 50, was identified as Judi’s condition in 2012. It impairs central vision and is irreversible. She had to quit driving a few years back since her vision was deteriorating.

She discussed her health problems on the Louis Theroux show on BBC last year. She encounters difficulties in her daily life as a result of her vision. She needs assistance to see her food on the plate, even when eating supper with her boyfriend.

Despite having vision issues, she does not want to stop working. She finds it annoying because her vision limitations restrict what she can accomplish.

Beginning in 1957, Judi Dench has spent 60 years working in the entertainment sector. She appeared in her first movie in 1964, and her career quickly took off after she appeared in “The Third Secret.” She earned an Oscar and a Tony Award for her performance in “Shakespeare in Love” in 1999.

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