“I live for you”: a dancing millionaire congratulated his daughter on her birth

On October 27, a joyful event happened to the dancing millionaire. His daughter had a birthday. The baby is one year old.

He loves his wife and daughter so much that he posted very touching pictures from the hospital on his Instagram blog. And also wrote a very nice post in honor of it.

On the same day, the mother of a little girl also wrote touching words to her daughter. The baby’s parents consider this day to be the best in the whole wide world and incredibly love their girl.

Fans were touched by these pictures and wrote a lot of congratulations in the comments. They wished the family of the dancing millionaire good health and happiness in family life. And also the fans noted that they had never seen such a man. They noticed that the man is very kind to his daughter and loves her very much.

Recall that their daughter was born with a slight malaise, the so-called “cleft palate”. However, recently star parents corrected this ailment, and they performed an operation on the baby, which was successful.

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