“I love her this way.” Pierce Brosnan startled admirers by posting a photo of his chubby wife

I still can’t believe my favorite actor is 68 years old! Pierce Brosnan is in excellent physical condition, as seen by fresh photos. Pierce, by the way, is open about his monogamy.

In 2001, the actor formalized his relationship with the stunning Keely, to whom he remains committed to this day. Pierce’s wife has changed dramatically in the last 20 years, according to fans.

Photos of fat Kili are frequently discussed in the comments section. Pierce had a brief dialogue with himself: “I love her like that.”

“What a beautiful couple,” “Exception to the rule,”

“Bravo, Pierce,” “True monogamy,” “I would appreciate such Pierce,” the couple’s fans wrote under the last joint picture of Pierce and Keely.

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