I was a happy woman, but everyone abandoned me after the child’s illness

I was a happy woman expecting a baby. I was surrounded by friends, a good husband, parents, and a brother. It seemed to me that I was behind a stone wall and nothing could break through such a defense.

Vitya was born healthy and strong, and we were discharged from the hospital a week later. Everything was just wonderful, and I enjoyed motherhood. But after four months my life turned into hell. Vitya was coughing in a strange way, and I took him to the hospital. The doctors began to fuss, began to do tests, constantly checking something.

I was afraid to even ask what was wrong with him, but I asked this question every time any medical worker appeared in my ward. But the doctors evaded the answer. Three days later it became even worse and Vitya was connected to the apparatus. My little son was littered with tubes and couldn’t even breathe on his own. The doctor said that he could not give any guarantees, a substantial amount was required for treatment and drugs.

I didn’t know what to do next…

At that time I was terribly afraid for my son, but I could not think that the worst was yet to come. I had such a strong family and we could easily raise the whole amount by chipping in together. The brother was the first to give in and said that he had the money for other purposes, he could not sit with Vitya in the hospital, and in general, he was very busy.

And a week and a half later I bought myself a brand new jeep, even without a loan and installments. I then quarreled with him and did not communicate anymore, he exchanged his nephew’s life for a car, and the amount was ten times less than the cost of this car.

But my brother somehow reacted sharply and said that I should grow up and solve my own problems. I quote: “It was necessary to study, not to give birth. Then I would have worked and earned normally.” I cried so much after his words, how could I even say such a thing, knowing that my child was in such a state ?! My brother and I still do not communicate, although seven years have passed since that incident.

When I came to my mother and told her, she didn’t even comfort me, but suddenly asked: “You didn’t come to us for money, did you? We don’t have any money!” I objected to her, because my father has his own law office, and my mother has a profitable store on the Internet. But she raised her eyebrows in such amazement that I generally stopped recognizing my own person to her. She said that my brother was right and in general it was necessary to study.

I didn’t even listen to her, after two hours I called my father, and he turned out to be on my mother’s side. My husband was on a flight and there was absolutely no connection for almost a month. He did not even know how badly I needed his support and funds. I sat on a bench in the park and cried, I had no choice but to feel sorry for myself. It was scary to take a loan at the bank, I handed over all my gold except for the wedding ring and received almost fifty thousand in my hands.

I bought medicine for the first month and took it to the hospital. Vitya started a course of treatment, but I didn’t have any more money, and the next month will take 1.5 times more. I began to write texts to order again, but more than 1000 rubles a month did not come out. I ate almost nothing and put everything off. When my husband got in touch, I cried and could not explain everything to him.

The doctor, seeing this, picked up the phone and explained everything to my husband, then gave the phone to me. He was just shocked that close people did this to me. He could not withdraw the money from the account, but he agreed with his friends and they sent money to my card for the full course of treatment the same evening, and also for additional expenses.

One of his friends came to the hospital the next day and reassured me, found a doctor, discussed what else to buy, and so on. I didn’t know how to thank them, because they barely knew me, but his friends looked at me like I was saying supernatural things. As one they repeated: “Mash, why are you, you are Nikita’s wife, and this is his son! Yes, we are for you! Call as soon as you need something, we’ll sort it all out.”

Strangers just helped me get out, and cured my son, without even expecting any gratitude in return. And close relatives just left me in a desperate situation. They just all abandoned me at such a crucial moment.

Vitya got out, now he is already seven, and he is the happiest and healthiest boy in the world. My husband and I are still together, but friends never took the money back, saying that they did not lend.

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