People heard loud screams from the boxes and when they approached them, they were amazed at what they found inside

There were four securely sealed boxes stacked on top of one another in an alleyway in Stratford.

If the boxes didn’t make loud noises, people may not even notice them. They were found by bystanders, who promptly phoned for help, and help arrived very swiftly.

The cats in the boxes might not have survived if they had remained there for a time.

Whoever confined them in the crates is unknown, but he seemed unconcerned about their safety. There were eleven cats in total. Since they were taken care of, the animals had previous owners.

Cats had no fear of people at all; instead, they yearned for as much affection and warmth as they could get.

They were all transported together by the volunteers to the shelter, where they received the necessary medical evaluations.

Numerous individuals expressed their wish to adopt the adorable kitties after learning about the kittens and sent them food and money.

We are glad to report that every cat found a permanent home and is now soaking in the warmth and affection of their family.

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