“I was afraid of beef with my ex-wife!” Tom Cruise missed the Oscar-2023 because of Nicole Kidman

Tom was afraid of encountering her.

The day prior, in the LA Dolby Theater, a number of well-known celebrities attended the 2023 Oscars. Tom Cruise appeared in “Top Gun: Maverick,” one of the Best Picture contenders, but he was conspicuously missing from the celebration.

Some of Tom’s friends suggested that his ex-wife Nicole Kidman, who was also present at the wedding, was to blame. They said that Tom opted out of the event because he was frightened of running into her on the red carpet. Others, however, asserted that Tom was absent due to other obligations and that Nicole’s potential attendance was not the sole factor. Since their divorce in 2001, Tom and Nicole have made an effort to steer clear of the same gatherings.

Nicole and Keith Urban, who are now dating, attended the Oscars together and were seen making out. Tom and Nicole began dating in 1990, and in December of that year, they were married.

In the course of their marriage, they adopted two kids: Connor, now 28 years old, and Isabella, who is now 30.

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