I was transformed into a carbon replica of my mum. Fans of the 75-year-old Stallone are baffled by the star’s latest images

I still can’t believe the hero of millions turned 75 in July. Stallone is hard to call a grandfather. You just admire what a wonderful form Sylvester is in.

Fans of the American film actor and director flood the man with the most pleasing compliments, however, there are also ill-wishers among the subscribers of the Hollywood star.

“Became a copy of the mother”, “What’s with the face?”, “Everything is skewed”,

“Is he really interested in plastic surgery?”, “It was difficult to recognize the mother in the last years of her life”, “Such a prominent man”, “Envy silently”,

“But in what form he is”, “Looks great for his age,” I read under the artist’s post.

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