“I Was Very Mad!” Ashton Kutcher Admits He Was Pissed Off By Demi Moore’s Revelations About Their Marriage.

“I was 26 years old when I was responsible for children who are 8,10, and 12 years old.”

After eight years of marriage, Ashton and Demi got divorced in 2013. The Hollywood diva published her autobiography Inside Out in 2019, in which she discussed her relationship with Kutcher in detail. The actress discussed a miscarriage, accused her ex-boyfriend of infidelity, and claimed that she consented to group sex for his benefit.

In order to protect the youngsters from harm, the 44-year-old Once Upon a Time in Vegas comedian withheld comment. But now Ashton expressed his feelings. The actor found the ex-disclosures wife regarding their family dynamics to be completely absurd.

“I was freaking furious. I eventually reached the point when the media effectively “fired” Mila, my life, and my family. The paparazzi then showed up the next day at the kids’ school. Kutcher said, “I don’t want to expose anything from this region.

Ashton said that he understands Demi’s anguish over the loss of their shared kid. The “Striptease” movie’s lead actress miscarried during the sixth month of her pregnancy. For many years, actors have also been attempting to conceive with IVF.

“It is really heartbreaking to lose a kid you believe is on the way and that you are already quite close to thinking about. Everyone responds to this in their own way. I adore kids. “If it weren’t the case, I wouldn’t wed a woman with three of them. It sounded amazing to consider getting another. But I had to have this experience for whatever reason, “Mila Kunis’ husband explained.

Rumer, Tallulah, and Scout, his stepdaughters, remain in contact with Kutcher. In their marriage, the actor took on most of the care while Moore remained on the set. At his young age, it wasn’t simple, according to Ashton. “When I was in charge of kids that are 8, 10, and 12 years old, I was 26 years old. According to Ashton, who was reported by Esquire, “Some individuals who become parents in their teens should feel like this in their 20s.

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