“I Will Fight Aging In Every Possible Way”: 66-Year-Old Kim Cattrall Admitted That She Does Beauty Injections!

Kim mentioned that there are many alternative treatments available now

Kim Cattrall, who is most known for her part in “Sex and the City,” recently discussed how she views aging. The 66-year-old actress admitted she uses fillers and Botox to keep a young appearance.

She stated that she wants to fight aging in every way possible because she is in her 60s.

Kim said that there are several alternative therapies readily available nowadays, like Botox and fillers, which can aid in triggering the body’s inbuilt anti-aging mechanisms.

She stressed how crucial it is to select a qualified surgeon and have the money available for these surgeries.

Kim also expressed love for older actors who accept their aging and wrinkles, such as Judi Dench, since she feels that a forehead devoid of lines doesn’t reflect a life well lived.

Kim had earlier said she wouldn’t take part in the “Sex and the City” project once more, but she changed her mind for reasons unrelated to financial gain.

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