“I will give education, but I will leave without an inheritance”: billionaire Roman Avdeev is not going to write children in his will

R. Avdeev is included in the rating of the 100 richest people in our country. Three years ago, his fortune was estimated at $1.8 billion. But the entrepreneur is known not only for his financial well-being but also for his charitable activities.

Roma himself grew up in the most ordinary communal apartment. While still a student, he got married, and soon he had a child. In order to somehow support his wife and son, he had to work as a watchman.

The 90s are considered the most difficult period for a huge number of our population. But it was at this time that Roman managed to build a business that made him a wealthy man.

When a man began to earn good money, he wanted to help those in need. At first, he helped orphanages financially, but one day, he saw that the children who grow up there are cut off from normal life.

Then the entrepreneur decided to save the children. To date, he has 23 children, of which 17 children are adopted. He is considered one of the largest billionaires in the world. The man gave them an education that in the future should feed them throughout their lives.

Roman also said that his children should study, since he is not going to make them into the inheritance. The businessman is also the founder of the Arithmetic of Kindness charity foundation.

Do you agree with this opinion of a successful entrepreneur or do children deserve an inheritance?

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