Iconic actress Sigourney Weaver at the age of 73

The woman is happy and that’s why she looks so gorgeous for her age!

Being born into a talented and successful family, little Susie who is now called Sigourney, had no other choice but to become an actress.

The legendary Hollywood actress had a happy childhood. She used to attend a private school. However, as an adult, Susie didn’t have many friends. Her peers would often mock and bully the girl for being too tall. Despite this, Susie managed to find enough courage in herself to survive all the mockery over her appearance. The girl had a dream and was motivated to become a famous actress. She wanted to be successful in this sphere and she did!

After reading the famous story of “The Great Gatsby” by Fitzgerald, 14-year-old Susie realized she had to work hard on herself and on her dreams to make them come true. One day, she decided to play a part from the famous novel and even changed her name to Sigourney.

Susie happened to attend acting courses with another legendary actress – Meryl Streep. Their friendship has gone through several trials before reaching today’s strength.

The parents and their influence have played a huge role in Susan’s future career and success. It’s thanks to them, that the cinematography world has a talented actress such as Sigourney.

This actress stands out among everyone else with her hard-working, shy, calm and kind character. And, of course, her tall and gorgeous figure.

Currently, Sigourney prefers to lead a secret and calm life. However, she hasn’t given u working for Hollywood, so we are going to see more of her on the big screen.

The actress is happy with her husband, who is 6 years younger than her. Sigourney always mentions that it’s thanks to her husband’s support that she is now so famous.

The iconic woman is already 73 years old. She has never undergone any plastic surgeries or procedures and prefers healthy lifestyle and a proper diet. The woman is happy and that’s why she looks so gorgeous for her age!

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