If you live in Frankfurt, you’ve probably already met the gorgeous white horse that walks around the city every morning

You may run into a stunning white horse on the streets of Frankfurt every day.

She is usually awe-inspiring to onlookers since she knows the road flawlessly and does not require guards to lead her. But there’s a backstory to all of this.

The truth is that Jenny’s former owner, who passed away 16 years ago, drove the 25-year-old horse in this manner all the time.

As a result, the kind horse has continued this habit for years and rides throughout the city every morning.

She couldn’t walk by herself before. However, everything in her life changed when Werner passed away at the age of 83.

After some time, Charlie, one of Jenny’s closest pals, too passed away. Werner’s wife made the decision to ride the horse instead of accompanying her husband.

They frequently went for walks together at first, but eventually, the woman came to understand that the horse can get by on its own.

She has been going outside ever since and exploring the city’s streets, which she is well familiar with.

Due to the rarity of encountering lone horses on the street, people may find it weird or even hazardous to see a horse walking around a city by itself.

She is, however, a very kind and gentle horse, as everyone who knows her can attest.

She now moves around the city like any other pedestrian.

A woman who works in Frankfurt’s police enforcement made sure Jenny and the locals are secure.

All of this is demonstrated by the fact that there have been no incidences involving this kind of horse in these 15 years.

Locals are eagerly anticipating their next encounter with Jenny, the compassionate horse, who has already won the hearts of many.

A few people frequently pause to pet the animal and occasionally even clean up after it.

Jenny succeeded in gaining adoration and notoriety across the city, bringing smiles and good memories to individuals from all over the world.

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