“I’m only 5 days old and I’m all alone!” A baby with sad eyes ended up on the street alone … (video)

A tiny cat was found on the street … She was born a few days ago, and the mother cat has already disappeared somewhere.

The squeaky lump was noticed by a caring person. He tried to find the baby’s mother and even waited several hours in the hope that she would show up, but all in vain. And the baby was weakening in front of her eyes …

I had to urgently take the cat to the shelter so that they could help her there!

Melinda Blaine met the baby there. She decided to help the baby, who was only five days old. The girl took her home along with other kittens who also needed help.

Melinda started bottle feeding her babies. The girl named our little heroine Cherry.

It turned out that the girl is a very demanding person. She immediately became a big fan of food and cuddling with her foster mom. Eat and cuddle – what could be better for a little kitten?

True, for the first couple of days, Melinda had to literally force-feed the baby – she was used to mother’s milk and did not understand what they wanted from her. But two days later, Cherry began to gobble up food like a real champion.

The cat quickly became attached to Melinda and meows every time he hears her voice.

Even though Cherry is still very small, she is already trying to walk and explore the house.

The cat will not miss the opportunity to snuggle up to the girl and is very offended if she forgets to stroke her after she feeds her.

Cherry constantly sniffs her adoptive mom’s fingers like a dog, which is why Melinda calls her a very strange kitten.

The baby literally clings to her mistress with her small paws so that she stays with her longer. Well, I fed more.

And this is what Cherry’s tummy looks like when she is fed every three hours!

When the baby grows up, recovers, and gets stronger, Melinda will give her to good people. True, the girl really misses her wards, but she gives them a chance for a better life …

And here is a short video clip about our furry heroine:

Miracle, not a cat! We are confident that everything will work out for the best in Cherry’s life.

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