In 2015, the 65-year-old grandma gave birth to quadruplets. How do her children appear today, six years later?

Annegret Raunig, a 65-year-old German English teacher, mother of numerous children, and grandma, decided she needed to expand her family.

However, because the woman was unable to become pregnant naturally, she chose to use artificial insemination.

Annegret has a total of 13 children and 7 grandkids. She was inspired to take such a step by the fact that she had a lot of free time and she no longer taught English lessons.

The woman really wanted to experience the same feelings that she experienced before when she raised her newborn baby.

Unfortunately, she was refused in Germany because of her age, which is why Annegret decided that she would go to Ukraine for help. She was not mistaken in choosing a clinic and they agreed to help her.

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As a consequence of this treatment, the extraordinary occurred, and the mother was overjoyed when she learned that she would have to give birth to four children instead of one.

In 2015, Annegret gave birth to three boys and one girl. She was a little early in her pregnancy and so had to stay at the clinic for a little longer than the German woman would have liked.

The woman was very lucky because the best doctors watched her.

All the news channels found out about this great news and the woman became very popular and discussed at that time. After all, not everyone dares to give birth at 65 years old.

How a woman lives now and what her children look like

Of course, so many children were cramped in a small room and the woman decided that they needed a bigger house.

Therefore, she sold her apartment in Berlin and moved to live in the provinces.

Annegret and her grown children Annegret Raunig lives very happily because her beloved children are next to her.

The first children have already grown up and are raising their grandchildren, however, they do not forget to visit and take care of their sisters and brothers, as well as their mother.

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