In France, there is a house that is made from pieces of dishes. Here’s what it looks like

In the north of France, in the city of Louviers, there is a stunning house decorated with the most unusual material – broken dishes. It surprisingly resembles a gingerbread house.

This idea came to the mind of the Vasser spouses. They were categorically against standard facades.

Robert Wasser was born in 1908, he was a simple worker, he did not live richly. The man’s interest in mosaic work woke up at the age of 42.

It was then that Robert first applied this technology in his kitchen, decorating the sink with cement and broken plate cuttings.

It was from this sink that the architectural creation began.

Over the next fifty years, Vasser was engaged in decorating his house.

He managed to do a colossal job, even the dog house was not left without attention.

As a building material, the couple used broken dishes, …

… colored glass bottles, a variety of shells, and bizarre porcelain shards.

In the collection of building material, Robert was helped by scavengers with whom he agreed, all friends, acquaintances, and neighbors.

Broke something – carry it! Found it too. So the house, to some extent, is the creation of all the surrounding residents.

In the yard, even the paths are lined with rainbow fragments. Much attention was paid to the design of garden sculptures, tables, and stairs.

All this unusual beauty is complemented by an abundance of bright colors. Even the fence from the side of the street corresponds to the general style and mood.

Inside the house, the tale continues. There are no carpets or wallpaper on the walls, as we are used to seeing in ordinary houses. Every square meter is a masterpiece!

In 2002, Robert Wasser died, but his work of art still remains in the spotlight. Now Robert’s son, Claude, looks after the safety of this amazing house.

The heir has made a mini-museum out of his parental home, and any tourist can visit it.

They say that you can not store broken dishes in the house. Robert Vaser proved that this is not the case. On the contrary, with the help of shards and fragments, you can make your home a beautiful place.

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