Shelter Dog is shocked and scared to be abandoned by his family after 7 years

When the new dog arrives [She] gets scared and all she wants to do is go home.

When many dogs from the congested Habersham County Animal Shelter in Georgia arrived at The Little Guild in West Cornwall, Connecticut, one dog, in particular, stood out. The workers at the shelter noticed Jodi’s peculiarities right away, and after communicating with the manager of the shelter in Habersham County, they learned that everyone else in Georgia shared their opinion.

According to Kelley Turick, a staff member of The Little Guild, Jodi “meant a lot to the staff and volunteers from their shelter.” When volunteers heard that we would take Jodi in and find her a home, they sobbed.

Jodi lived with her family for seven years before being abandoned at a shelter in Georgia. Her fear and confusion over what was happening and where her family had vanished were evident in the staff members of the Small Guild who welcomed her.

Since then, Jodi has gotten used to her new surroundings considerably better and has developed relationships with staff members and volunteers. She now feels comfortable with her new friends, allowing her lovely personality to shine through and win everyone over even more.

She has a lovely disposition and is always happy to be around people, Turick continued. She may be old, but she still likes her regular walks. She likes to cuddle up next to you on the couch as well as play catch outside. She is a wonderful young lady who is very significant to us.

It’s amazing that Jodi hasn’t been adopted yet considering how nicely she would fit in with almost any household. She enjoys spending as much time as she can with her loved ones and is very fond of kids, animals, and other dogs. Her search for a family could soon come to an end because she has generated some adoption interest and has a family waiting to meet her.

As Jodi’s true family is known to exist someplace, her friends in Georgia and Connecticut are eager for them to locate her.

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