“In Gratitude for Her Support and Succes”: Actress Margot Robbie Pays Off Mother’s Mortgage

Robbie shared a heartwarming story

Margot Robbie, the talented Australian actress and producer known for her role as Barbie, reflected on her journey to stardom and the unwavering support of her mom, Sarie Kessler. Starting her career on the soap opera Neighbours, Robbie broke into Hollywood with her role in the 2013 film “Wolf of Wall Street.”

Robbie shared a heartwarming story on CBS Sunday Morning about how she was determined to repay her mom for the financial assistance she received during her early days in the industry. Her mother had even taken money from the house mortgage to lend her daughter a helping hand. Grateful for the support, Robbie kept a record of everything she owed her mom and made it her mission to pay it all back.

Finally achieving success and earning enough money, Robbie surprised her mother by paying off the entire mortgage, releasing her from that financial burden. She fondly recalled telling her mom that she no longer needed to worry about the mortgage as it no longer existed.

Speaking about her gesture, Robbie humbly said that anyone in her position would do the same for their mom. The actress feels incredibly lucky and grateful for the opportunities and success she has achieved in her career. While acknowledging her hard work, she also attributes a great deal of her success to sheer luck.

In a Vogue Australia interview in 2019, Robbie and her mom reminisced about their family memories. Kessler recounted the moment her daughter shared her dreams of becoming an actress back in grade 12. Despite initial concerns about the challenges of the acting profession, Robbie’s mother now revels in her daughter’s accomplishments and the fact that she followed her passion with unwavering determination.

Despite being from a family with medical and business backgrounds and facing tight budgets while pursuing her acting career, Robbie’s dedication paid off, and she now runs her own successful production company. Her mother couldn’t be prouder of her achievements and the independence she has gained.

Margot Robbie’s inspiring journey reminds us of the importance of following our dreams, the value of unwavering support from loved ones, and the joy of sharing success with those who have believed in us from the beginning.

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